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Arcane Nites

Arcane Nites

Whispering voices call to you from beyond the chilling winds. How long have you wandered, before finding this place? Days, months, years? It does not really matter in the end, for where you have been pales before where you have arrived, and where you shall go.

Just over a nearby cliff, the sprawling landscape unfolds, so vast the edges vanish in a haze. The unbounded land lies before you, ripe for exploration, and rife with perils. The road to riches and glory is open, if you can survive the journey.

Decaying trees frame the endless black behind you. In the distance, a wolf howls at the moon. Perhaps it would be wise to keep moving.

Now you must choose. What shall be your first destination, brave soul?

The options lie before you...

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recent news


  • Visual ascii map. large and mini maps are available.
  • Multitude of new skills & spells. Hop on and check them out!
  • Dueling is now functional.
  • PK modifications.
  • Formatting enhancements.
  • slist enhancements. You can now use different args.

In The Works

  • Crafting
  • Alchemy
  • Centaur Homeland
  • Faerie Homeland
  • MUSH Client Plug-In

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