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Please bear with us as we make a few changes to our website.
You may find some links broken, we are working to fix them as soon as we can. Thanks! - Staff
Arcane Nites


  • 3 new spells: Darkness, Dark Vision, and Scarecrow. Hop on and check them out!
  • The path command area has been upgraded to allow you to go from one area to another directly
  • Changes in room light management


  • Two new skills: recovery for thief and blind fight for warrior, thief, ninja, and monk
  • A blacksmith skill: socket you can use it, but its not useful yet (needs inlay)
  • spellup and show commands will ease your life and save time for sure!


  • New Ninja skill added. Mirror Image. Create a max of 2 mirror images of yourself to confuse your opponent.


  • POWER QUEST! this weekend!
  • There is also a possibility of a preview of the Arcane Zombieland - Stay tuned


  • You can now autosac to gain things besides gold! syntax autosac (hp|mana|move|gold)
  • you can toggle the minimap on or off. it is displayed to the left of the room description for ease of use.
  • Dont forget to quest in the school. the headmaster has much wisdom to give! and gifts! :)


  • Added loop command for mortals. If you want to eat 10 magic mushrooms with one command, you're all set: loop 10 eat magic mushroom
  • Added web version of AN for exploration. On the left 'Explore Here!'


  • New skills and cool features added!
  • You can Surrender and your foe can have Pity or be Merciful.
  • Each player now carries a chest & key with their name on it for storage.
  • We've added an ascii map, along with the ability for it to remember rooms, therefore you can find previous paths and automatically walk to them!
  • Necromancer class added
  • Stay tuned, more cool stuff to come!


  • You can now 'practice all' when practicing skills.
  • The Blacksmith class is now usable, though not all skills are finished.
  • The skill, 'bullrush' has been added, giving the ability to attack from another room.
  • Choosing PK will give you a 3k hp bonus, slowly decreasing as you lvl to balance out.


  • Some exciting new stuff has been added/fixed.
  • Deathfield hits everyone/thing regardless of whether or not they are grouped.
  • Berseking after empowering will merge berserk and empower stats.
  • Carrying too much stuff will use more of your moves.
  • Large races can wear two two-handed weapons.

Bonus additions:

  • 2 new races (Centaur and Faeries) - homelands still to come.
  • Use of more color added everywhere (eq, titles, ect..)
  • The affects list has a new, easier to read, look.
  • Drunks won't know their hp (random number shown), more to come about this.

This is just a taste of things to come. Check out the forum for more fixes/enhancements.


  • Major bug fixes and enhancements underway!